Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun with Lasers

Nowadays, lasers are for more than just pointing at things and reading bar codes. The new Radiohead video for the song "House of Cards" was shot without a single camera. Instead, they used 64 rotating lasers and a scanning system to render the three dimensional floating head of Thom Yorke. Genius. Watch the video. Watch the making of video. If you have time, you can play with the technology by moving Thom Yorke's disembodied head around your screen. I must warn you after a while it becomes a little creepy.

Random Laser News:
For all you ravers/laser fanatics, at a recent festival in Kirzhach a laser light show turned into the second worst thing that could happen to you at a rave when a few days later attendees started complaining of vision problems. At least 61 confirmed cases of laser blindness. You can read more here.