Friday, June 25, 2010

Cocktails and Dinosaurs: Summer Edition

Semi-weekly posts that I suddenly became too busy for, then dropped off the planet, and then decided to bring back while sipping cocktails with Tara.

(via please don't feed the (inferno) artist)

  • Keanu Reeves eats sandwich, Sad Keanu is born and the internet will never be the same again.

  • Radio Douche: Brings Children to Tears. This week, Z100's Elvis Duran Show stooge Greg T came under fire for an "awkward moment" in which he brought a seven-year-old to tears at NYC's Central Park piano. Apparently, seven-year-0lds get all pms-y if told their musical performances are boring. Greg T acted insanely guilty for the alleged faux pas, unlike this guy, who has earned Blog 'Scuse Me kudos for takin' the tots to school.

  • "Put down the Corn Pops, dear, Mikey has diarrhea again."
    Cereal Recall? Toucan Sam says, follow your vomit.

  • So Kombucha Tea has enough alcohol to get Lindsay Lohan in trouble with the law and force Whole Foods to pull it from the shelves... time to start home brewing.

  • Sometimes I simply cannot get enough Nicholas Cage. I could watch Con Air until my brains burst forth from my eye sockets ejecting my eyeballs. I've seen it happen... Are you ready to watch the entire catalog of Nicolas Cage movies? Set your max number and "Cage you Queue". Just be warned, The Knowing can cause agitation, disorientation, and slurred speech. *Actual side effects may vary.

  • "Have I ever showed you these circa 1995 collectors Life cereal boxes?" Who said that? Tara... about 5 minutes ago. This feels like news you need to know... probably not.

Cocktail of the Week: Liquor Spritzers

A simple cocktail invented by Tara. Put all the fruit you own into a juicer, add seltzer water, vodka, ice and put it all into a frou frou glass.

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