Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wait...The Temperature is OVER Twenty Degrees?

Ah, spring. That magical time of year when flowers bloom, the tax refund rolls in, and I am overwhelmed by the urge to do this is front of a mortified crowd.

Yes, spring is the thing for dance-offs, groove-outs, and all-around popnlockbauchery. It only makes sense that I spend the season on a constant hunt for unstoppable new dance anthems (I call them dancethems because I'm hip and brilliant).

We're off to a great start! First off, we have a crossover star who will drop jaws worldwide with THE song for this era of rage and impatience:

Blog 'Scuse Me has received word that an O'Reilly-Justice collabo is in the works!

The jams can't stop when I leave the club. Fresh beats have to permeate all areas of my life. Which is why I've queued up some Hammerman, which existed in the good old days when cartoons had 17 minute intros and living large equalled bogarting your cousin's Gameboy and scoring a sip of Pepsi at a classmate's birthday party:

Let's not forget one of this decade's most grating staples of the dance music pantheon - sampling video game soundtracks. I say djs should just lift entire original pieces from video games and blast them. Why mess with greatness? I would go insane if I was grapevining in the club and suddenly heard the theme from any level of Little Nemo: The Dream Master .

Is it sad or encouraging that with all the Wiis and whose-a-wuts-ems and robotic virtual ticka-bobs emptying wallets right now, I still prefer the magical simplicity of a Bush Sr.-era 2D side-scroller? All I know is I friggin love *Orioto and am jonesing for prints...