Monday, December 20, 2010

I Want Some Dadgum Buh-Scoddy

I believe it was the immortal Barney Rubble who once remarked, "'Tis the season to be sharing, Fred." In honor of the solemn or sparkly or solemnly sparkly holidays of December, I would like to share a cookie photo or two. Tonight, I tried out the "Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti" recipe from Veganomicon:

This puffed dough log, which has to cool for half an hour before slicing, looks pretty obscene. Trust me, the raunchiness is fleeting.

Sliced and delicate 'scotti, ready for another 12 minutes of baking to achieve ultimate crispness. Side note: I used chopped hazelnuts from the baking aisle instead of the whole ones the recipe called for. The Shop Rite produce department came up short *sad and confounded emoticon*. No worries, though; chopped nuts work fine as an emergency alternative.

A cookie attack cooling on the rack. This crunchy and rich cocoa density was totally worth the effort!