Monday, March 15, 2010

Sparklethoughts March Edition

St. Patrick's day is fast approaching. Potatoes are rolling down the hills, cabbage leaves are swooping through the air like magic carpets, alcohol is flooding the streets. On that note, before you turn down a frostilicioius beer in favor of a vodka and Coke, consider these recent findings about beer-sipping and soda-pounding.

We'll need some music to energize us as we celebrate Spring's impending debut (I, for one, plan to twirl happily for up to two weeks before the bugs, heat, and thunderstorms make me dream of November). HAPPY MUSIC NEWS!

- Rasputina's seventh full-length album, Sister Kinderhook, comes out in June. A North American tour is planned - here's hoping their Manhattan fun doesn't fall at the same time as Blog 'scuse me's trip to Canada...

-Just found out about this 1995 Cake Like import, featuring Bum Leg, which I can't stop playing. For those who didn't know, guitar/vocals are by Kerri Kenney of The State and Viva Variety. I sort of wish they'd released a track called "Baby Tastes Like Soup" before they split in 1999, but one can't have everything.

-Peter Gabriel released a new covers album this month, Scratch my Back. I saw that he included a cover of one of my favorite "stare at the wall in a melancholy daze before jumping through a window" songs, Randy Newman's I Think It's Going to Rain Today. He pretty much butchered it. And that's depressing in the non-fun way. I'll keep the fun going by sticking to the original, and to this other "why get up in the morning" favorite:

I'm off to check tourfilter for more warm weather prospects. Andy Go Bragh.