Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And 1987 Begat Gibbler...

Blog 'scuse me is headed to an 80s-themed birthday party this weekend. My thought upon receipt of the invitation was, "I want nachos," and then, once I had eaten some nachos, "What will I wear to this party?"

To get some outfit ideas, I recalled the two most impactful groups that emerged in the Reagan era: yuppies and the cast of Full House. Three-piece suits are confining, so I soon decided I would dress as a random fifth-grade chum of Kimberly Gibbler, aka the greatest sitcom sidekick to come along since Joey Gladstone.

I slapped a WWKGD sticker on my fridge and got to work. What would Kimmy's friend have needed to stay warm as she and Kimmy were tossed out of the Tanner house on a frosty January morning?

These canary yellow mothereffers:

And what hairstyle would Kimmy's buddy have needed to rock as she bounced around DJ's room screaming Go-Gos lyrics into a hairbrush?

Heeeere we go. "HUSH MY....DARRRLING...."
Toss in a neon pink shirt-dress and you have the look so far. Jewelry, barrettes, and shoes are next in Operation TGIF Buffoonery. I'll keep you posted, against your will; just the way Kimmy would want it.