Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We're Back! A Blogosaur Story

What better way to kick off this frosty New Year's Eve than to announce our triumphant return to Blog 'scuse me? A combination of relocating, lack of collaborations between Korn and Lil' Wayne, and getting turned down by Michael Phelps for an intimate interview had forced us into hiding. Now we've returned to delight and terrify and we've brought pictures of cookies from The Lost Cookie Party. We know that you all have been salivating to see the product of our November Cookie Party. Now we're debuting the lost pictures from that magical sugar-dusted night. Our hope is that if and when you encounter us on the street you grab us by the lapels and demand the recipes for the gooey confections below.

Our scrumptious c chip cooks in their doughy infantile stage before they are thrown into a 350F hell box.

Here the chips are at that perfect melty chocotastic phase.

Here we plop some preserves into the squishy adult hamster size balls of dough that will become linzer torte.

The finished product - the inclusion of sea salt made this sort of like a chubby potato chip with blackberry topping. Yummo! (copywrite 2002 Rachel Ray)

Palm Trees fresh from the oven. Apparently, you bake the cooks before you ice them. It only took us our second try to get that right. Lesson learned.

A sparkly sweet treat for Santa's pre-Christmas retreat to Aruba.

A Special Gift for the Holidays
Apparently, Mariah Carey Carey, the science community is not impressed by your glass cracking soprano and quick marriage to Nick Cannon.