Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cookie Party Redux!

Our first cookie party was less than successful with no clear winner and decidedly not blog-worthy. It would have helped if we baked something resembling a cookie. However, Tara and I refuse to give up and today (in the spirit of Veganmofo even though it is officially November) we are holding our second ever Cookie Party. Please feel free to join in and email us pictures of your crispy, chewy, fresh from the oven vegan cookie delights. We will post pictures and hold a vote to decide the winner. No prizes, just the simple pleasure of knowing that you won a contest on a blog that gets two visits a day. And isn't that the greatest prize of all?

Our first cookie party attempt:

Chocolate Crinkles - delicious but were more donuty than cookie crisp.

Chocolate-raspberry bark with orange zest. We discovered that accidentally doubling the oil produces cookies similar to charcoal patties.

Email all entries to

You have one week(until November 9, 2008) to grace us with your scrumptious cookie porn before we vote ours the best. We will expose your shots to the public so they can select which cookies look the most suitable for worship.


  1. oooh oooh oooh count me in.

    *rushes to don her apron*

  2. hooray for jeni! bake enough to fill our december issue of cookie hustler.

  3. your blog makes me hungry