Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And 1987 Begat Gibbler...

Blog 'scuse me is headed to an 80s-themed birthday party this weekend. My thought upon receipt of the invitation was, "I want nachos," and then, once I had eaten some nachos, "What will I wear to this party?"

To get some outfit ideas, I recalled the two most impactful groups that emerged in the Reagan era: yuppies and the cast of Full House. Three-piece suits are confining, so I soon decided I would dress as a random fifth-grade chum of Kimberly Gibbler, aka the greatest sitcom sidekick to come along since Joey Gladstone.

I slapped a WWKGD sticker on my fridge and got to work. What would Kimmy's friend have needed to stay warm as she and Kimmy were tossed out of the Tanner house on a frosty January morning?

These canary yellow mothereffers:

And what hairstyle would Kimmy's buddy have needed to rock as she bounced around DJ's room screaming Go-Gos lyrics into a hairbrush?

Heeeere we go. "HUSH MY....DARRRLING...."
Toss in a neon pink shirt-dress and you have the look so far. Jewelry, barrettes, and shoes are next in Operation TGIF Buffoonery. I'll keep you posted, against your will; just the way Kimmy would want it.


  1. it was great to see you both last night. you both rocked the Gibbler hardcore looking amazingly hot in the green fluorescents and hot pink leotards! rock on girls, till next time!

  2. oh and the cookie party looked amazing, wish i could have been at that!