Thursday, May 6, 2010

That...Will Be Quite Enough of That

Remember the "suitcase college" days, when Thursday nights were the best nights of the week to unleash the booze floods? Who says the fun can't continue as one pushes 30? At the moment I'm sitting in my living room, listening to Genesis (Collins, not Sega) and sipping a cocktail I just invented called the Dishwater (scotch, orange juice, and cherries). I will have to order one for Monica during our upcoming Veggie Prom/Pride extravaganza.

Besides the aforementioned feeble cocktail recipe, I have two new movie reviews for you:

1. Stuart Gordon's 1986 horror film From Beyond has a lot of prosthetic makeup, puppetry, and Jeffrey Combs (in ascending order of fabulousness). A burly gentleman in a banana hammock grapples with a genitalia-shaped water monster in a sequence that should only take a week or two of therapy to purge from your nightmares. Combs' head is ripped off before he bursts from a monster's body in a rebirth scene that ends with an inevitable house explosion.
There is also some brain-eating:

This movie is a lot better than The Notebook.

2. Bruce Robinson's Withnail and I is one of the best black comedies ever. Two struggling actors (one ambitious and paranoid, one hedonistic and bitter) take a doomed vacation in the country, argue, and get mind-bogglingly drunk:

Two trench coats way up.

For those who care to share their fashion expertise, feel free to suggest what ensemble I should rock for Vegan Prom. Keep in mind that red food coloring and Karo syrup make a fine vegan substitute for pig's blood.

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  1. This movie is a lot better than The Notebook.

    You just made me guffaw out loud at work. XD (And I agree.)