Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In Search of Cupcakes...

On Saturday, October 8, 2011 blog 'scuse me set out on a mission to find the best vegan cupcake in NYC. (I think we can safely assume the best cupcakes on earth are all vegan.)  The plan was to travel to Babycakes, Lifethyme Vegan Bakery, Terri, Cowgirl's Baking, and Champs to buy only chocolate cupcakes and throw a party at the end of the day with a handful of taste testers.

Everything went according to plan except for Cowgirl's moving out west.  They had really amazing cupcakes and New York will miss them terribly.  Oh, and their vegan fish tacos were insane. 

Below are some pictures and commentary from our jaunt around the city to vegan bakeries and eateries in search of vegan cupcakes.  Stay tuned for the party post to hear our reviews.

Team 'Scuse Me started at Babycakes on Broome Street in Manhattan. A crowd stood at the counter and tried to decide which breakfast treats it wanted as we ordered our first set of chocolate cupcakes and, out of physical necessity, threw in a couple of scones and coffees.

Strawberry cream scone and Stumptown coffee. The scone was oozing with fresh delicious jam and sweet cream cheese filling. For those who haven't yet tried Stumptown coffee, run for it if it's closeby. You'll savor the magical robustness.

Lifethyme is a natural market with its bakery nestled at the back, so it proved more distracting than Babycakes. If anyone has tried the tofu quiche, please confirm that it was as delicious as it looked.

The spread screamed "return visit". Tons of sweets and savories ready to be torn apart.

We tossed in a couple of Wild Card Cupcakes (banana chocolate swirl).  We didn't eat them at the party, but these we amazing.  Banana and chocolate cake swirled together with tiny chocolate morsels inside.  Their entire bakery is vegan, so good luck not getting something here.

Terri's Sandwich Shop is fresh delicious food served up hot and fast in a basket. (I hope we can one day scream that line in a public access commercial, but everything rests on whether these guys return my calls.)

Terri's has a variety of  sandwiches, wraps, salads, smoothies, fresh juices and baked goods.  Their sandwiches are nothing short of perfection.  I may be embellishing a little, but I wish I lived closer to this place.

Terri's bacon chicken cheddar ranch sandwich. The assumed "wheat meat" chicken was sizzling and phenomenal. Ranch sauce is an easy thing to botch, vegan or otherwise (puke) but this one is on point.

Champs Bakery/Diner in Brooklyn was our last stop. The chocolate cupcakes sold here can rescue a party, so show some respect.  Also, the coffee here is excellent and they serve breakfast all day.  We got food here, but inhaled it before we thought to take a picture.  However, expect a brunch post in the not too distant future.

To Be Continued...


  1. I can't wait to read the cupcake party post! Champs wasn't open when I was last in NYC but I've added it to the must-eat list for next time!

  2. I need to make a must-eat list. That's an excellent idea. I think Champs is my favorite place in the world right now, so I'll try to get some food pics up on the blog soon.