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Cocktails and Dinosaurs: News and Libations for the Weekend of January 27, 2012

Semi weekly posts that cover quasi-relevant news in list form.  
Disclaimer:  I had planned to post some stuff three weeks ago, so you will find stuff that is as old as the Shit People Say Fad.
  • The Puppy Bowl recently posted the starting line-up of poochie pies* and they are as adorable as usual.  I hate to say this, but Fonzi reminds me of a girl I went to high school with.
    Anyway, thanks to Animal Planet, most of us don't have to waste our night watching the Super Bowl and we get something to talk about with our friends the next morning. 
    • However, there is a new referee this year and I think we all need to discuss this because this affects all of us.  What happened to Andrew Schechter?  He was with us through Puppy Bowls IV, V, VI, and VII and now we have Dan Schachner, whose last name is eerily similar.  I don't know if I'm comfortable with this...  What does "Dan"even know about personal fouls?(*poochie pies is a term Tara uses to refer to dogs of any age).
  • Speaking of adorable things, is there anything cuter than a 7-year-old boy imploding an old granary (thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation)?  He says that watching Mythbusters inspired him to want to blow up buildings.  You know, I never thought about it before, but that show does leave me with a desire to destroy something. (via Videogum)
  • Need even more cuteness?  How about this video compilation of Great Danes being scared by things like garden hoses and kitties?  Try not to go straight to petfinder looking for local rescues to bring home... I dare you! (via The Daily What)
  • Bryan Lee O'Malley (cartoonist, best known for the Scott Pilgrim series) has recently joined the Tumblr community where he's been posting artwork including 'some roughs' from his upcoming book "Seconds" so you should follow him.
  • If you follow Simon Pegg or Edgar Wright on twitter than you know that they are working on a new project.  Looks like it might be awhile...

  • Have you been sitting at home wondering how you can get all the Ron Swanson GIFs onto one page on the internet?  Well... wonder no further because you ask, and Funny or Die delivers.
  • Need more GIFs!  Tara and I downloaded a GIF camera app for iPhone and now we're making GIFs of everything.  Check out Tara's dancing skills.

  • If you are anything like me, you are wondering what the next project is for the horse from War Horse.  Watch a clip of his new film in this interview with Inconsiderate Cell Phone Man (Rob Huebel) and Trent Hauser (Paul Scheer)

Recipe of the Week:  Roasted Vegetables with Lemon-Cannelini Sauce
My mom informed me that Brussels Sprouts are the new Kale.  In light of this new information, I decided to choose a recipe that had Brussels Sprouts for this week.  Enjoy!

Cocktail of the Week: Old Fashioned
According to Wikipedia, an Old Fashioned is a mixture of 12 parts American Whiskey, 1 part Simple Syrup, and 1-3 dashes Angostura Bitters.
"In an old-fashioned glass, add bitters to simple syrup and stir. Add about 1 ounce of whiskey and stir again. Add two cubes of cracked, but not crushed, ice and top off with the rest of the whiskey. Twist lemon peel over the top and serve garnished with the lemon peel and a maraschino cherry." 

It's also really good with an orange peel.

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