Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things That Are Scaring The Crap Out Of Me Right Now

I was innocently watching tv tonight when this popped on to retard my sleep for the rest of the month:

The little white dog's uncharacteristic arm movements represent begging anyone who'll listen to mercy-kill him. "AND WE WON! (In my Snuggie)."

I've been really jazzed about this anti-proud-parent site lately. What terrifies me is that when I Facebook-stalk, I find at least one update or status comment in the identical vein. I am quickly getting convinced that when people in Generations X or Y conceive a child, they develop an as-yet-undiagnosed condition (I will call it UberLove Syndrome) that compels them to feel and speak the same child-centric way. But no worries - they wouldn't change a thing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last but last least, here is the video for MGMT's new song, "Congratulations". Nothing says horror and sadness like an emaciated quadruped ostrich slowly dying in the desert.

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