Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Brunch with blog 'scuse me?

Brunch at Caravan of Dreams

Caravan is great vegan restaurant located on East 6th Street in the East Village in New York. This place is also an excellent option for brunch. If you order off the prix fixe menu, you get a house salad, coffee or tea, and sangria or juice with brunch. Apparently, this is the rare brunch spot that serves both red and white sangria, so the temptation to get crocked before teatime is a solid one.

Coffee and Sangria

A caffeine jolt plus some hair of the Smart Dog? You'll be dancing on your hangover's grave in no time.

House Salad

Mediterranean Brunch

That's a pile of awesome right there. Perfectly cooked greens, Spanish rice, and more seitan than you handle.

Country Breakfast Platter

Berries are mixed into the pancake batter. That's a fancy country right there.

Caravan Breakfast Burrito

A burrito jam packed with veggies and tofu scramble. The perfect cure for that Sunday morning ehhhh feel.

...and a look inside!

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