Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cocktails and Dinosaurs: News and Libations for the Weekend of September 2, 2011

Quasi-regular posts that involve me skimming through my google reader and regurgitating it in list form on the blog.  Honesty hurts...

It's back to school time, so here's one of my favorite moments from Freaks and Geeks.

  • I found myself checking out IMDB (internet movie database) to see what Nicolas Cage was up to because what else do you do when you're stuck at home during a hurricane.  I cannot believe I missed the chance to see Nicolas Cage in 3D!
    I have safely added Drive Angry to my Netflix queue, and mark my words, the next time I get the opportunity to see Nicolas Kim Coppola in all three dimensions of space, I will take it.  
  • Daryl Hannah was arrested earlier this week in Washington D.C. for protesting an oil pipeline from Northern Canada to the Gulf Coast of the USA.  Watch a clip of Daryl speaking out against this pipeline very eloquently to the likes of Bill O'Reilly.
    In lighter Daryl Hannah news, according to the database (of movies), which is located on the very same internets that blog 'scuse me? resides, a Kill Bill 3 is in the works?!?!?!
Items I found on Videogum:
  • A promo for the upcoming season of Community.
Isn't that amazing how I took this thing full circle and bought us all back to Freaks and Geeks?  Have I mentioned that I like that show?

Terrible Movie Idea of the Week:
Speed 3: Savory Revenge... This time there's a bomb on the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!

Recipe(s) of the Week:
Who needs those stupid seasoning packs with WAY too much sodium?  Do more with your ramen!  I also like to make ramen with a quick peanut sauce, except I use agave instead of sugar and add a little hot sesame oil.  If you're feeling festive, add some chopped cilantro and/or peanuts.
...and for dessert, take the phyllo dough (you bought to make something awesome but than forgot about it in the freezer) and make these cute peanut butter and jelly cigars.

Cocktail of the Week:  Hurricane (too soon?)
Hurricane with rebellious lime wedges
 As per Emeril Lagasse's recipe on the Food Network website, a hurricane consists of 2 ounces light rum, 2 ounces dark rum, 1 ounce grenadine or passion fruit syrup, 1 ounce fresh orange juice, 1 ounce fresh lime juice or sour mix, one teaspoon superfine sugar, an orange wedge for garnish and one hell of a headache when you wake up.

As usual, we want/need your feedback, we cannot do this without you guys.

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