Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cocktails and Dinosaurs: News and Libations for the Weekend of September 23, 2011

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Twitter / @joelmchale: The Vampire Diary isn't a ... via kwout

That's it, buster, no more military aide. 
One of the greatest parts of the movie Robocop is the commercials.  Thankfully someone has assembled them on youtube to enjoy at your leisure. (via Marginal Revolution)
BONUS:  Korean Robocop commercial for fried chicken

Have you seen the season premiere of Community yet?!/joelmchale/status/116978661533548544
Twitter / @joelmchale: Simon Cowell has not trimm ... via kwout

Tom Selleck's moustache making the world a better place. (via

Terrible Movie Idea of the Week:The Origin Story of Kuato from Total Recall
Kuato, giving dads the perfect Halloween option when they can't find a babysitter since 1987.

I take it back.  This is a great movie idea.

Recipe of the Week: 
Chimichurri Quinoa Stuffed Artichokes  (Excellent step-by-step photos)
While listening to episode 88 of  the podcast for Our Hen House, I heard them mention quinoa stuffed artichokes.  It sounds delightful and I need to make this immediately.

Cocktail of the Week:
Fresh brewed coffee with a splash of Pinnacle Whipped.
This cocktail help Tara and I get through our last blog-a-thon.  With the Silk creamer, this libation would probably work even without the flavored variety of vodka, but it has introduced me to the world of spiked coffee.  It just occurred to me, I need to get some of that Soyatoo whipped topping, that would makes this perfect.

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