Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stream a Little Stream - Hellraiser

It's the holiday season, and nothing complements the softly colorful lights of my Christmas tree and the scents of vanilla and cinnamon in the air like a 1987 British horror film about an attic creeper with no skin.

Frank, the skinless gentleman in question, has been held in a state of eternal torture by a posse of sadomasochistic demons called the Cenobites as payback for messing with a supernatural puzzle box. Frank's doofball brother drips blood onto the attic floor one day, and Frank is incompletely reborn. He enlists Julia, his brother's wife (and his former lover) to lure unsuspecting schlubs in business suits up to his lair so he can suck them dry.

The way this movie is shot and edited freaked me out. When Frank and Julia first meet in the attic, she backs herself against the closed door and stares in horror as quick cuts show gooey demonic Frank scuttling across the room toward her. At the climax, the attic door slams shut on Frank, caught by the Cenobites, just after the audience gets a glimpse of his body getting torn apart by hooks. A wild-eyed vagrant who bothers Frank's niece also factors into the story; his purpose is revealed during the "surprise" (i.e., wtf) ending.

Last but not least, look out for that hallway monster (featured here in an accurate 30-Second Bunnies summary of the movie)!

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