Friday, June 8, 2012

Texting with blog 'scuse me?

monica: I'm so over people right now. I want to move somewhere where only vegans are allows and dogs make all our decisions. 3:59 PM
tara: OMG me too!! People are absolutely driving me to drink this week. Obama's little poochie needs to anarchize the white house. 4:04 PM
monica: You could probably send him a message via Mae West [Tara's Poochie Companion] using the dog phone chain from 101 Dalmatians 4:06 PM
tara: Lol that is a fabulous idea. Mae West lives for anarchy! 4:07 PM
monica: I think all dogs are anarchists at heart. 4:09 PM
tara: Good ass point 4:09 PM
monica: We should write a comic book about a cute anarchist dog that slowly breaks down society, but no one notices because of his huge eyes and fluffy fur 4:11 PM

(via The Daily What)

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