Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cocktails and Dinosaurs: VeganMoFo 2014 Week #3

The posts that I had once hoped would be weekly that I now struggle to keep bi-annual.  Check out this list of crap I found on the internet.

  • Are Meatless Mondays part of the liberal agenda?  Probably.  Also, if you have some time to kill search "liberal agenda" on the Fox News website.  I just learned a bunch about feminism and I am outraged.  (Note: Meatless Mondays are not "brainwashing" your kids.  You do not need to eat meat at every meal every day to be healthly.  Quite the opposite.  New Flash!  Vegetables are actually good for you.  Who's up for Vegan Vednesdays!!!!!)
  • Well, this t-shirt exists and now I need it!!  (via
  • Speaking of, they have coupons for Beyond Meat.  Boosh!
  • Even after NYC is voted the most vegan-friendly city in the nation with vegetable skyline and all, we are in danger of losing Angelica Kitchen, who has been serving vegetarian food in the East Village since 1976.  Stop what you're doing and go eat at Angelica's!!!
  • Do you like plants?  How about Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy?  Would you like to text Groot?  Because you can.  (via CBR)  I wonder if he's on twitter.  #obviously
  • Ways to make your tofu taste more like meat. #veganvednesdays (via The Daily Meal)

I'll just put this here:

(via Jezebel)

Cocktail of the Week:  Blushing Bride

Tara made this incredibly sweet cocktail for us the night before our good friends got married, that's why we have the wedding theme.

Congratulations Shaun & Leila!

Email that crap out of us @ monicatara[at]  Or just comment here!  We love you and we want feedback and cocktail ideas!

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