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Cocktail and Dinosaurs: News and Libations for the Weekend of May 15, 2015

The posts that were intended to be weekly, but now struggle to be annual and yet still only focus on one week worth of news.  

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  • This week all the major broadcast TV networks have been announcing all their new shows as well as some cancelled shows.  Some of the cancellations are sad, others I wish had happened sooner {{cough}} Two and a Half Men {{cough}} Here are some highlights, but for a more comprehensive list go here:  
    • DC comics continues it's take over of CW programming by adding DC's Legends of Tomorrow, which will bring back Arrow's Sara Lance (played by Caity Lotz) as the White Canary.  (Here's the trailer.)  Rip Hunter, the Time Master, from East London and the future?  I'm not very familiar with DC comics, but that sounds very close to Time Lord, I'm getting a serious Doctor Who vibe here.  (I'm just saying if they all climb into a Police Box to travel through time, I'm calling bullshit on this show.)  DC, I'm watching you.
    • CW is also adding the show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which the second I heard the name I was all like 'How dare you call her crazy?,' but I watched this trailer here and it looks like it could potentially be a good show.  You know, if you into musicals and women being awkward, which I am.  
    • Supergirl, another DC character, is being added to CBS's schedule.   I got a little nervous at the beginning of the trailer that it might be a little Smallville meets The Devil Wears Prada.  We'll see.
    • CBS also has a Doc Dram (Doctor Drama) called Code Black, with Luis Guzman, so it will probably be great and a couple half hour comedies with no perceivable laugh track (Bravo, CBS!  Seriously), Life in Pieces and Angel from Hell.
    • ABC is bringing back The Muppets and Ken Jeong is getting his own show, Dr. Ken, where he plays a doctor.  Not too sure about Dr. Ken, since they open the trailer with a fat shaming joke.
    • FOX has Lucifer, another comic book inspired character from DC/Vertigo, which I'm really excited about, just watch the trailer, tell me if I'm crazy.  There is also a Minority Report show that takes place post Tom Cruise.  
    • NBC is bringing back Heroes with Heroes Reborn, Zack Morris finally comes back to NBC in People are Talking and is married to the Coach's girlfriend (New Girl reference).
  • Speaking of TV shows, Hannibal Season 3 starts June 4th.
  • Have you ever wonder what Snoop Dogg thought of Game of Thrones?  (via Jezebel)  Here's a link with a video that proves that Snoop was right and it is based on real life.
  • Disclaimer:  I'm a Jem girl.  Exciting adventure, fashion, and fame!  Once you're a Jem girl, you're never the same.  Come on!  I saw the trailer for the live action movie and I'm going to rant about it.  Keep in mind, I've only seen a 2 minute and 29 second trailer and all of my comments based on speculation. Alright, let's talk about Jem and the Holograms, "The Movie".  The first sign there was trouble, Christy Marx, the creator was shut out of having any involvement in the movie. (via Comics Alliance)   She didn't just create and write for Jem and the Holograms, she was also writer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and G. I. Joe.  Yeah, that's right, two other pieces of my youth Hollywood is dead set on destroying.

    Let just talk about the trailer.  I'm excited to see Molly Ringwald and Juliette Lewis.  That's cool.  Where are the fucking Holograms?  Seriously, what make this any different from the plot of Hannah Montana.  It's like they found a script and appropriated it for Jem, except not enough because in 2 minutes and 29 seconds I don't see much of the source material coming through other than names and makeup.  Where is the awkward love triangle between Jem, Jerrica, and Rio?  Why doesn't Rio have purple hair?  Where are The Misfits?  There songs were better and they always had plots that involved putting orphans in danger.  Where are all the orphans?  Synergy is referenced, they did that much, but I can't imagine how they will work in "the ultimate audio/visual entertainment synthesizer" into a plot that looks like it focuses heavily on a group of teenage best friends torn apart by fame.  Let's just hope Zack Attack, I mean, Jem and the Holograms get back together in the end.  Where are the magical star shaped earring I always dreamed of having?  Where's fucking Synergy?

    I could be 100% wrong about this, it could just be the way they edited the trailer.  This trailer does NOT look truly outrageous.
  • Wow! (via Owen Wilson or Owenergy Studios)
  • Pitfall! by Activision (via
Cocktail of the Week: Margaritas 3 ways courtesy of The Edgy Veg

I recently discovered the existence of something called a Frito Pie and while googling "Vegan Frito Pie" found The Edgy Veg with a bunch of fun vegan cooking video.  Enjoy!

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