Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cupcakes & Hipster Hunting

Long time listener, first time blogger...

We're hurling some gems to reflect our various hatreds and subculture obsessions. Falsely educating the masses for our own amusement. Here's what you can look forward to in the coming months:

  • The ins and out of myspace stalking (our favorite pastime) and just random stuff that pisses us off while we are stalking like couple pictures and stupid quotes.

  • Random recommendations of movies, tv shows, books, music, and dance jams that Us Magazine has never heard of.

  • Boston Freak Out & NYC Vegan Walking Tour Photo Diaries

  • Chrissyfest 2008: Will it happen?

  • Tons of inside jokes we will never explain!!!

  • How to score free shots with Batman pez

  • How to live your life like a hobo

  • Constant updates on the assemblage of Propane, Propane

  • Incessant cookie party explosions

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