Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Campaign Has Begun...

...to get John Henson off the TV Guide Network.

The man who once owned Talk Soup has now been reduced to discussing cable listings with Nikki Taylor. Unacceptable. That delightful George deserves better too. Any golden retriever who quotes Yeats and debates the validity of Elvis' career is in dire need of his own sitcom/educational program/variety show.

The John we have:

The John we want:

If all goes according to plan, John will be off the step-and-a-half-above-public-access set in fewer than three months and go on to host his own Comedy Central show, busying himself with the dissection and desecration of pop culture. Sir Thomas of McNamara, Perrin Sprecace, and Alan Wu are required to participate. Let's not let any more funny people go to waste while crappy humor flourishes. Do you know who has his own sitcom these days? Bill Engvall.

Bill Engvall.

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