Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Winds of Shit in a Low Pressure Shit System

...or was it a shit storm? I don't remember our exact team name at New York Magazine's Indie Rock Trivia Night last week but you get the gist. Somehow we did not win for most creative team and ended up losing to the Dead Ted Kennedys. First off, I demand a recount. Not even Zach Galifianakis, the host of the event, agreed with this decision, probably because he saw our Round 4 card where we drew hearts around his picture with an arrow to it saying "That's So Raven". Secondly, it's called "most creative" not "most topical and offensive".

I believe that's enough ranting. Now I'll just try not to turn this into a love letter to Zach Galifianakis.

The night started out with some classic Zach. He even did the "LOOK here come the Choo-Choo" joke that makes me laugh hysterically every time it pops into my head while I'm waiting for a train. There were four rounds of trivia. I didn't realize they had categories until the second round which was 90's Trivia followed by 70's & 80's Trivia. The fourth round they changed things up with Kanye or Nay which took me back to a game my family used to play on long road trip called Goulet or Nay. They basically have same rules. In our game, someone would say a line or so of lyrics to a song and you would shout out Goulet, if it was a song Robert Goulet did, or Nay, if not. Kanye or Nay worked the same way except you wrote the answers down on the card. It's a little less fun that way. In between trivia rounds they showed this interview with my other crush, Michael Showalter.

After the intense trivia session, Les Savy Fav took the stage and put on an incredible show. Tim Harrington had enough costume changes to make Vanna White jealous. Zach even joined them on stage during one of their songs which was the highlight of the night for me.

Tim & Zach

Of the 75 or so pictures I took that night, about 70 of them are just of Zach. I couldn't help myself.

I believe the winners of the Indie Rock Trivia are behind Zach in this one.

Check out Stereogum if you'd like to read a review with less ranting and better pictures. Plus, you can see all the Les Savy Fav costume changes.

Here's a crappy video I took of some hipsters dancing.

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