Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cocktails and Dinosaurs: News and Libations for the Weekend of July 15, 2011

Semi monthly posts that pose as weekly posts in an attempt to receive more hate mail.

"Touch my seitan again and I'll stab you in the throat. That's my protein source motherfucker!!" #VeganThugLifeless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

So #VeganThugLife seems to be trending on twitter this week.

There best not be casein in this soy cheese!! #VeganThugLifeless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

...and I just couldn't be happier!

What are people pissed off about this week:
  • Netflix released their new plans starting September: charging everyone more for the same service. Netflix, you're starting to sound like a cable company.
  • Emmy Nominations for 2011 are out and everybody is talking about who got snubbed like The Daily Beast, Amy Poehler, and many more (I'm sure - I haven't looked into it).

    (photo via fujiidom)
    I know I don't have TV, but Matt LeBlanc has a show? Has anyone seen this "Episodes" they speak of?

What you should be excited about:
Harry Potter Fans (I didn't forget about you!):
Terrible Movie Idea of the Week:
Freddy Vs Jason meets Total Recall and I'll call it...
Jason's Total Nightmare: The Return of Quaid

Recipe of the Week:
Coconut Curry Sweet Potato Fries with Chili Coconut Fry Sauce, Pickle Fries, and Sesame Lie Sweet Potato Fries - Awesome, simple recipes with freezer section french fries.

Cocktail of the Week: White Russian

I had this at Vegan Drinks in NYC right before Halloween. A wonderful blend of vodka, Kahlua, and soy or rice milk. Easy enough to make at home when you're watching The Big Lebowski or maybe The Big Lebowski 2. I find myself oddly attracted to Donny in the second one.

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