Friday, October 5, 2012

Cocktails and Dinosaurs: VeganMoFo Edition Week 1

Semi-weekly posts with an assortment of news I found on the internet and then regurgitate for you here with links and stuff.

The month of October is the Vegan Month of Food, better known as VeganMoFo.  So if you're confused about what our blog is doing, you can read about it here.  While your at it, discover some great blogs, find amazing recipes, and look at hours of vegan food porn.

  • Speaking of vegan food porn, we've been flooding our twitter account with tasty photos from our delicious food adventures.  Follow us @blog_scuse_me!
  • Could Coachella switch to 100% Vegetarian Event if Morrissey and Johnny Marr will just put their differences aside and perform as the Smiths? According to Morrissey, yes.  What if after they played Coachella they went on a world tour?  Would the whole world go vegetarian?  There is only one way to find out.  Smiths Reunion Tour!!  (via Stereogum)
  • If you read the Stereogum article above, then you know Eric Bana is Morrissey's favorite Australian animal.  Can we just take a moment to appreciate that?

  • Do you like Sci Fi?  Are you a vegan?  Did you know Michael Dorn is a vegan?  Do you know who Michael Dorn is?  Well, if you've answered yes to most of those questions, then there a site for you!!  It's called


  • Vegan hair care products tested on film stars?  I guess I can live with that.  Rosario Dawson, Natalie Imbruglia, and hair care expert Tara Smith team up to build a better coif. (via Veg News)
  • On Grub Street this week, an article titled, "Eight Surprisingly Awesome New Vegan Dishes."  Is "surprisingly" necessary?  Anyway, "surprisingly" I've only been to one place this list so far.  Beyond Sushi is amazing and has had a table at the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival the past two years.  I can't wait to try these other spots.  

Cocktail of the Week:  Kentucky Ginger

This is a cocktail I got at The Campbell Apartment in Grand Central Station.  If my memory serves me correct, this cocktail contained Maker's Mark, Domaine de Canton (ginger-flavored liqueur), and some sort of muddling with rosemary.  Essentially, a pricier version of a bourbon and ginger ale (psst... that's my favorite drink).  It was tasty, but the slight flirtation of rosemary made me wish there was more.

 These are some pictures inside The Campbell Apartment which creates a really cool, old new york-esque atmosphere (i.e. makes me feel important as I eat olives and sip cocktails).

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  1. Great links! I answered yes to all the Michael Dorn questions ;)

    1. Awesome!! Thanks! Good to see there's more sci-fi loving vegans!