Monday, May 12, 2008

Businessmen and Bruleed Banana

Thanks to the Boston Vegan Association, we enjoyed a fabulous five course vegan meal at Upstairs on the Square in Boston's Harvard Square. We documented each course for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, we didn't capture the ambiance of this drippingly high class, eclectic restaurant and its patrons (one of whom could balance a dollar bill vertically on his head).

Roasted Summer Beets, Horseradish, & Wild Baby Arugula. (Not that I dislike traditionally prepared beets, but I was pleasantly surprised by the tangy, distinctly different sensation that the horseradish created. - Tara). Now that we've been made beet fanatics, we'll be paying a visit to Schrute Farms post haste.

Snap Pea Tempura. Just the right mix of savory and sweet, with a rich Asian kick. (The tempura was the perfect amount of crispiness and the accompanying sauce was so good I nearly licked the bowl. -Monica)

I don't remember what this dish was exactly, but it was delicious and had edible flowers or at least I hope they were. The temptation to eat the green leaf garnish was a little distracting because it was so large and vibrant.

Seasonal Vegetables in an Aromatic Broth with what seemed like a hint of lemongrass. (I've loved lemongrass since the introduction to it in the Bath and Body Works products. -Tara)

Sardinian Cous Cous with Foam lying beside a dollop of Awesome Sauce. The foam was a light comforting touch atop the hill of crisp seasoned vegetables.

Bruleed Banana with Strawberry Sorbet and Flakes of Toasted Coconut. The banana chunks were at their finest point of ripeness, and the coconut flakes were super crunchy, which was a nice contrast to the rest of the dish.

Damn Fine Cup of Coffee!! (The coffee transported me to the snow covered peaks of a small town in Washington. I drank a little too much and had to pass on coffee the next morning at brunch which NEVER happens. -Monica) We originally turned coffee down after dinner, but the waiter wisely misheard us and served away. He even returned later to freshen up our servings.

More details of our Boston Trip coming up this week. Stay Tuned.

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