Sunday, May 4, 2008

POP WISDOM - It's All About the Bass

Climbing Seacrest's Top 40 as we speak is Lil Wayne's "Lollipop", which not only dusts off the term "lovely lady lumps", but tickles and delights the listener with its mischievous use of language. Take this verse, for example:

She say he so sweet make her wanna lick the wrapper
So I let her lick the rapper

If you're not chuckling and clapping at this pun right now, I hate you. (Puppies hate you too.)

Lil Wayne does not mince words when he sets his sights on a shawty. What sentient life form wouldn't melt in the eloquent heat of this request:

Told her to back it up like berp berp
And make that ass jump like jerp jerp

As if things weren't already intense enough, Lil Wayne just keeps at it! In words of heart-wrenching desire reminiscent of Edith Wharton's finest prose:

Drop that shit
Dra-drop it like its hot
Drop it like its hot
Do do do it shawty
Don't stop

My fingers are crossed (so tightly that they're the color of a bruise and I'm losing consciousness a little bit) that this song makes it to Number 1 on America's Greatest Songs of All Time That Were Ever Written By Anyone on Earth. It's only fair, people. If Lil Wayne doesn't keep those fine asses moving in reverse, who will?


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