Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Amusement Avec Les Pommes! (French Makes Me Smart!!)

My parents bought roughly 23 pounds of apples at the Paterson Farmer's Market this weekend and, since I was coming over to mooch, thought they could use some of them in vegan recipe experiments. The result was two lovely dishes, one sweet and one savory-sweet; I stole leftovers to use in a three-course meal back at home:

One can never go wrong with a starter salad. This is your standard mix of greens, radicchio, orange bell pepper, and tomato with a toss of nutritional yeast, a splash of Italian dressing, and a few Wasabi & Soy Sauce Blue Diamond Almonds.

My parents' first experiment was this crunchy, tangy dish made of red cabbage, apples, onion, garlic, margarine, and red wine. The potency of the garlic blended fabulously with the fruity notes of the wine and the sweet-tart flavor of the apples.

When one thinks "fruit", one automatically thinks "pungent cloves of garlic", so this dish made perfect sense from the start.

The second dish, a dessert, was a slight variation on the apple crisp my mother was accustomed to baking. She was out of flour, so she combined the margarine with Bisquick. Same yummy outcome.

As you can see, I threw a scoop of vanilla ice cream in there to liven things up; I finally managed to track down the Tofutti pints at Shop Rite.

Thank you, parents, for providing awesome comfort food, especially because I needed tremendous comfort after reading this very anti-Veganmofo development in the fast food screwnivurse. You have to love that this country continues to piss millions into marketing schemes for entities representing animal torture, racism, and obesity while cancer research societies scramble for donations.

Ok, enough Michael Moore-ing for one night - the Tofutti is waiting....

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