Monday, October 12, 2009

Dinner and a Bunny

(Random thought: Am I the only one who is offended that Timmy's love interest on The Fairly Oddparents is named Trixie Tang? I shouldn't watch the Nicktoons channel while I type.)

This week's spotlight of love is on the bunny, aka the family Laporidae's closest thing to a puppy.

Why not be a decent human being and invite a bunny or five into your home for a vegan meal? Here's a lepus-approved plate of tofu, green squash, and brown rice in a thin sweet chili sauce.

Sure, its appearance is a bit startling (i.e. pukelike) but that's due to the red food coloring I added to the sauce in a pitiful attempt to make the dish more aesthetically pleasing (i-ro-neee), as well as the fact that I pressed the tofu too aggressively and made it crumble.

For dessert, try this extremely simple agave cornbread muffin recipe. Of course, every supermarket within a 400-mile radius was fresh out of agave nectar, so I took the internet's advice and used maple syrup as a substitute. Syrup, applesauce, soymilk, and a bit of canola oil make these muffins super moist but not dense.

During this glorious Veganmofo, feel free to dig around like a badger in a trash can and assemble your own animal-free recipes to use for an infectious, repetitive, roughly-translated-from-German bunny party.


  1. Ooooh bunny! I LOVE bunnies so much (how can anyone not???) I would so like a bunny.
    Give him a squeezy hug from me please.

  2. Aww that's such a great photo of your bunny! And I love cupcakes, they look goooood :D