Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pizzarama Teabonanza

Monica and I reserved a weekend this Veganmofo to whip up a bunch of delicious splurge food. To squash the suspense, I will say this now: Yes, boxed wine was involved.

Crispy pizza bagels with a liberal sprinkling of vegan Parmesan cheese. We were short on ingredients and made the cheese with only nutritional yeast, salt, and ground almonds. It was, to quote Steven Hawking, "totally yum". It will be interesting to see how the recipe works when followed to the letter.

Saucy magic....

The perfect beverage for a pizza night is a frosty root beer float with vanilla Tofutti ice cream. The use of Shop Rite brand root beer adds a gentle touch of class to the proceedings.

Saturday brunch was granny smith apple pancakes and Lightlife sausage patties. Kudos to Monica for upping this plate's sexiness quotient with a strawberry garnish.

No tea party is complete without finger sandwiches. We tried two kinds - BLT and cucumber. If you've ever wondered what Tofutti cream cheese and hummus taste like when used as a spread in the same cucumber sandwich, rest assured that they stay delicious. Next peanut butter and chocolate?? (The double question mark means that I'm screaming at you.)

Oh, the scones. I miss them so much. Monica came up with the idea to combine two recipes and create a frosted cinnamon bun variety of scone. To die for.
We've reached the point where food porn stops being entertainment and becomes a felony.

As this gluttonous, fabulous Veganmofo 2009 draws to a close, does anyone have any cool self-created recipes they'd like to share in our comments section? Perhaps you combined two recipes from your favorite cookbooks, veganized a recipe from a popular "domestic goddess magazine", or threw a bunch of stuff into a pot before it spoiled and ended up with Frankenstein's Deliciousness. Let's all share in the wealth of your creativity.


  1. so that's what the double question mark means

  2. Late in catching up from Vegan Mofo and just saw your wonderful scones. I love cinnamon rolls, but can't make them were I live due to space. Any chance you can share your recipes for these?

    As far as combining recipes, I combined Bryanna Grogan's Chickpea Chilla with Isa's Puttanesca Scramble (minus the tofu) and came up with a soy free scramble. See it here