Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Always A Good Time For Tofu Scramble

Back in September, I read a post on Midtown Lunch about a new vegetarian food cart in the city. It's Healthy Vegetarian Food and it's located on the northwest corner of 52nd Street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan. For VeganMoFo, I decided to make the 15 minute trek from work in the pouring rain to check it out. The guys there were super nice and informed me that everything on the menu was vegan except for the oatmeal which comes with milk. However, the menu says soy milk or cow's milk.

You can choose any four items from the menu for $6.00. I got the tofu scramble, veggie burger, mashed sweet potatoes, and grilled veggies topped with a delicious lemon carrot ginger sauce and hot sauce. So totally worth the walk and a great deal for lunch.

More pictures.

Once I heard someone describe a tofu scramble as having an overwhelming amount of turmeric and it has forced me to start judging tofu scrambles based on a turmeric scale. This one was really good with a definite presence of turmeric, but nowhere near overwhelming.

Even more pictures.

One of the greatest veggie burgers I've ever eaten.


  1. This is why I need to move to a real city.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on this cart. I'll be picking up lunch from here today.