Monday, August 6, 2012

Come for the Treats, Stay for the Devil

Who loves vegan ice cream and is going to be in Philadelphia in the near future? If you raised your hand, Little Baby's Ice Cream is the place for you. Little Baby's has several Philly locations and a list of yummy-sounding vegan options, including Coconut Chai and Mint Cookie. Vegans of all motivations are recognized and celebrated on Little Baby's website:

"Little Baby’s realizes that folks from everywhere may either choose to not eat dairy for social, religious, or political reasons, or may have had that choice made for them by nature. It does not matter to us! Come as you are! Care and imagination has gone into each and every product we make.

Vegans rejoice! No Rules on Planet Earth!"

So great, right? Couple Little Baby's progressive attitude and adorable "smiling ice cream cone" logo, and you've got yourself a world as sweet and comforting as a scoop of Mint Cookie on a hot afternoon.  



In the words of many a YouTube commenter, what the entire f*&% is with this commercial for Little Baby's? Are we to assume the actor playing the self-cannibalizing, wild-eyed dessert mutant is currently roaming free in the streets? Did director David Garth Williams spill goat's blood onto a pentagram before he called "Action"? 

That being said, I want to thank Little Baby's for leading me to discover what Speculoos is. Happy indulging, everyone!

1 comment:

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