Sunday, August 12, 2012

What Did Axel Foley Just Say?

Today I was watching Beverly Hills Cop when I noticed this scene:

You heard Eddie Murphy right.  He knew a Johnny Bananas back in 1984!  So what does that mean for the infamous lawsuit that caused an MTV reality star emotional distress because of a cartoon gorilla on HBO's Entourage?  A lawsuit that HBO won after it was dismissed back in May.  Read more here.

Let me backup a bit and give you some context.

The Real World: Key West debuted on MTV on February 28, 2006 with a character whose nickname was "Johnny Bananas".

Then during Season 7 of HBO's Entourage which aired from June to September of 2010, a cartoon was introduced called Johnny's Bananas based on the character Johnny Drama.

The facts:
The word banana goes well with the name Johnny.
Dole refers to their smaller bananas as bobby bananas.
Since 1984, I know of three documented uses of the name Johnny Bananas.
According to HBO, nicknames are not protectible under New York law.

Regardless, who was the Original Johnny Bananas?  Is it the Johnny Bananas in Detriot that undercover cop Axel Foley refers to in the first few minutes of Beverly Hills Cop?  Maybe it was a nickname for John Quincy Adams or the arch-nemesis of Johnny Appleseed, but I will find him or her.  The search begins...

Off topic:  Why don't I have the Beverly Hill Cop Soundtrack?

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