Sunday, August 26, 2012


For everyone wondering when the remake of Red Dawn, starring Connor Cruise, that guy from Thor, and that other guy from The Hunger Games, is coming to theaters.  It's slated for release November 21, 2012.

Update:  I noticed that the trailer isn't showing up on my google reader.  If you are also having that issue, here's a link

If you are concerned about the bevy of inaccuracies found in the short 2 minute and 30 second trailer, you are not alone.  For more on the movie's factual blunders, please refer to this wonderful article* in The Atlantic.

*WARNING:  This may ruin the movie for you.  Like finding out that the numbers on the steam pressure gauges in Titanic were in Helvetica!  Helvetica wasn't even developed until 1957, that's only 45 years after the Titanic.  Thanks, James Cameron, go back to making futuristic sci-fi movies.

I mean you're still going to see it because Thor's in it, right?  I thought so, because it's HEMSWORTH it.

Note to Connor Cruise:  If you are serious about this DJ thing, blog 'scuse me? would love to help you come up with an awesome DJ name.

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