Friday, August 3, 2012

Texting with blog 'scuse me?


monica: blog scuse me got invited to someone's birthday party!!! We should go, it's this Sunday in Minnesota. You can swing that, right? 9:46 AM
tara: Awesome! I can totally swing it. We both know the drive to Minnesota is two and a half hours max. 11:33 AM
monica: It's about six hours if you count all pee breaks... But still doable! 11:35 AM
tara: Btw i am the worst vegan ever. I made a field horse carry me through the woods on a nature run. There was a lot of peeing and resentment. 11:37 AM
monica: I'm assuming the horse grabbed you by the neck and was carrying you like a baby kitten 2:56 PM
tara: I have to pee and that comment is going to make me ruin a good pair of shorts 3:17 PM
monica: Is that the long form way of saying lol? 3:18 PM
tara: You got it. Ihtpatcigtmmragpos 3:20 PM
monica: I just made that a text shortcut on my phone so any time I try to type laughing out loud in short form it will replace it with this ihtpatcigtmmragpos. 3:31 PM
(courtesy of google voice)

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